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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Story Series: Max in the Stall

Max is a life size inflatable dummy, with a plastic head and creepy staring eyes. One day, Max took up residence in a Helaman Halls women's dormitory bathroom. He brought his newspaper, dropped trou, and settled in for a long day on the loo. Though the bathrooms have three stalls, two of them were firmly locked, but Max preferred the freedom of an unlocked door. Unsuspecting co-eds would unsuccessfully test the locked stalls, and then triumphantly open the final remaining door, only to find a half dressed MAN staring creepily at them. They screamed. They tripped backwards over the in house ironing boards. They spat soda on the tile and laughed. And somewhere, someone has all of this captured on secret camera.

-Thanks to Angelyn F for this BYU Bathroom story

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