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Thursday, January 26, 2012

#8 Brewster Building (Ground Floor)

So you ask, what is the Brewster Building? Let me tell you: it's an administrative building southeast of the Wilk that takes care of facilities and grounds management. And yes, it has bathrooms too, interesting ones as you will see.

This picture is of the women's bathroom, which oddly enough is completely blue: blue floors, walls, and stalls. Rumor has it that the men's bathroom is totally pink...

At one point in time the pink bathroom was for the women and the blue bathroom was for the men, but for whatever reason at some point in time they were switched. Which is why they are how they are now. Odd, isn't it?

At one point in time there was a bed, sheets and all, in place of the couch for people to lay on if they were feeling sick. One designer noticed a small dirt smudge on the bed one day, and quite some time later saw that the same smudge was still there. After being completely grossed out, realizing no one was cleaning these sheets, and that many people were constantly taking naps on this bed, it was decided to replace the bed with the bright blue sofa. 
Something to take notice to: the hideous fake plant, covered in dust that sits on the counter in the corner below the gigantic mirror. 

Also notice the extremely old, retro green chair. We are convinced we could sell it for some pretty good money on KSL because it is so extremely old. 

Another thing is the chaos that is going on around the sink with the cramming in of 2 sinks, 2 soap dispensers, and 2 paper towel dispensers (pictured above). It creates a really tight space in which it can be almost impossible for someone to squeeze around you to the stalls or the other sink. This bathroom only has two stalls also which can be inconvenient at times, and the only other bathroom in the building is located downstairs.

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor -  (due to confusing color swap)
Location - 
Traffic - Low
Overall - 

-Thanks to BYU Bathroom users Katie H and Julie M for this post


  1. SWKT Bathrooms. All 12 floors. 12th floor has no female bathroom so they share with the guys.

  2. It's also limited access so you will need someone to get you up there.

  3. Jesse, what will you come up with next? Seriously, this cracked me up!

  4. What if you're handicapped and have to use the bathroom in the brew bldg? Do you just have to hold it?

  5. ha!! i used to work in the good old brewster. and when i told people that im pretty sure they thought i was making up a building and subsequently making up a job to explain my absences everyday. randomly just found this blog and i couldnt be happier. ive been at byu wayyy too long and have seen most bathrooms on campus.