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Thursday, February 2, 2012

#9 The Writing Center Bathrooms (JKB 4th Floor)

Are you the kind of person who'd take a few extra steps, maybe climb some stairs, for extra privacy in your public bathroom experience? Then this b'room is for you! I have been given several tips to check out this one because of their private nature and cleanliness.
Really, all of the bathrooms in the JKB are pretty good because they are fairly new, but the Writing Center Bathrooms really take the cake because of their limited use. 

When you go, check out the HUGE handicapped stalls. You could fit a small car in them. Until found otherwise, these hold the record for Most Roomy Stalls.

Because of the low-traffic nature of the bathroom, you can be assured that both the soap and hand towel dispensers will be able to provide for all your hand washing needs.

One heads up: They are kinda hard to find sometimes (just like most rooms in the JKB, seriously). They are tucked out of the way in a secluded place--hence the extra privacy. Here's a video to help you know where they are a little better:

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - Very Low
Overall - 


  1. I appreciate the coverage of the 4th floor JKB, but my preferred porcelain palace in the JKB has got to be the 3rd floor (immediately below the writing center). Really similar layout and amenities, but I feel like its a little wider, and usually cleaner. Just a friendly heads-up, BYU!

  2. I Love the writing center bathrooms. I am a BYU Ward Bishop,and our ward meets in the JKB. These bathrooms are a great place to go on Sunday after a long day with the Freshmen.