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Sunday, March 20, 2011

#4 Asian Bathrooms (HBLL 4th Floor)

*UPDATE* THESE HAVE BEEN REMODELED (Possibly due to BYU Bathroom's negative review)* 

These bathrooms are right in the Asian Collection of the lib.  But don't worry, if you are not of Asian descent, you are still more than welcome to use them.
The interior designers of this bathroom most likely had a thing for yellow and it really comes out in their work.  As for the layout there is nothing really to complain about, it has ample space to handle it's usage.  If it is busy, walk about thirty more steps north on you will find another pair of restrooms by the elevators. 

Guys, they stories are true, the couches are really there! Do you want couches in your bathrooms? Girls fight to get there on time for a spot to sleep during the devotional hour, but at night this is good place to study if you want to get away. Please be aware, though, nursing mothers do exist and they should get first priority with couches. (If they don't, they might snap at you...)
Above and below are a couple maintenance issues if you are picky.  Hopefully nothing ever crawls out of that gaping hole by the sink...
This air freshener is drooling.

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - Medium (High during devotional)
Overall - 

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  1. I love this bathroom! I go take power naps in there frequently, and last time, a nursing mother let me hold her baby when she was done... :)

  2. I love couched bathrooms. and this blog is soooo greeeaattt.

  3. haha this is so great. you should review the women's bathroom in the jsb, ground floor. seriously, EVERY TIME I go in there, someone just went #2 and it smells horrible. maybe the ventilation is bad, or else there is somebody who doesn't like to go at home and they go there every day. you should look into it. :)

  4. This is the weirdest effing blog I've ever seen. That's not an insult.

  5. You mean guys don't have couches?! I'm sorry guys... But then again, it doesn't really hurt me. :)

  6. everything in this post is true.

  7. These bathrooms compare to the bathrooms at Nordstron.

  8. I think you meant "Asian descent" not "Asian decent". I know that's probably annoying of me but I'm an English major and can't help it :)

  9. Just used this one today. Empty, quiet....and yellow. The guys bathroom at least is surprisingly spacey. I think the large entryway contributes to the feeling that this bathroom is actually composed of two separate areas, the business and the lobby, if you will. Definitely a pleasant experience.