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Saturday, March 26, 2011

#5 The Holy Bathrooms (JSB, Floor 1)

The inside of these bathrooms aren't exceptionally big themselves, but this definitely a small complex.  Look at this, there are 4 doors in a row with bathroom signs! Complete with Men's, Women's, handicap, and changing room. 

The bad news for users: this is the ONLY option for restrooms on the first floor of the JSB. For such a large building you'd think there'd be more than one on each floor. So what does this mean for you? Yep, busy.  These bathrooms are pretty busy. If you want to avoid the crowds there is another option on floor 2 directly above these, but those usually have a funky smell going on. 

So why are these called the Holy Bathrooms? Because they connect to the campus baptismal font.  They have been in close proximity to more spiritual experiences than probably any other bathroom on campus.  

For those who don't like to touch door handles on the way out, avoid these.  Speaking of which, are those not the weirdest handles ever?

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - High (Very High during passing periods)
Spirituality - 
Overall - 


There is an exposed theromstat that turns on the fans immediately. It goes to an impressive 100 degrees. Work the kniving part of your brain for a sec to know what I am thinking of doing.  

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  1. These bathrooms give me a lot of anxiety. For some reason I always have to go right before my 12:00pm class on M,W, and each time I go in at that time every stall is being used and there is a line. Now, lines for bathrooms are not uncommon at BYU, but the problems lies in that there is no space for a line. So, we have to line up in front of the sinks and everyone coming in behind you smacks you in the back with the door, it's very unpleasant. Aaaannnd, when people are lined up in front of the sinks, they are also standing right in front of the stall doors, which makes me feel like people are looking in at me, who designed this bathroom? I give this bathroom 0 stars for layout.

  2. I agree, I avoid these ones like the plague! And seeing as one of the biggest auditoriums on campus is a mere 10 feet away, you would think they would have designed bigger bathrooms for it. Oye.

  3. I used that bathroom many a times serving as a missionary in the Utah Provo Mission and serving on BYU Campus and getting ready for baptisms.

  4. These bathrooms have some awesome handicap accessible stalls - complete with your own sink in the stall! It's great for mothers with children who need the changing tables. However, getting into the bathroom itself is a challenge. Like someone posted before, there's very little room for lines, and the fact that it has 2 doors to get in, less than 3 feet apart from one another, makes going in with a stroller SUPER difficult. (Can you tell I'm a student/mother?)

  5. Is there actually an on campus baptismal font, or was that a joke?

  6. I never use these bathrooms. Go to the third floor. Since there are no classes on the 3rd floor usually only faculty uses them so they are generally pretty clean and low trafficked.

  7. Has anyone noticed that the water coming out of these faucets are SO HOT?!?!?! I have to fight my reflexes to wash my hands!