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Sunday, March 20, 2011

#3 Practice Room Bathrooms (HFAC Floor 2, D Wing)

Are you looking for some musical accompaniment to your bathroom visit?  This is place to go.  Because these restrooms are located next to many of the acting classrooms, these b'rooms have become the pace to get away to chat or practice in the bathroom acoustics for the acting students (especially for the girls, it has couches).
 The main floor of the HFAC is a bathroom desert, so these may be your closest oasis to drink from the waters of relief.  But you may want to find a alternative if you think you could be annoyed by the most likely loud chit-chat of the acting students and belting of Wicked songs. 
 This bathroom features old school faucet handles that don't shut off automatically, so careful to not to leave it dripping. *Looking for EPA endorsement*
 And if you are really looking for more of a vintage feel to your bathroom experience, these utility shelves are for you.  Follow the above instructions printed on the device and voilà, you have a place to put your books in the stall. 

For the guys, this bathroom features low, 'cup style' urinals. 

Go or No?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - Medium
Overall - 

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