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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Story Series: April Fool's

Once upon a time in my rebellious stage of life (aka 8th grade) I pulled an April Fool's Prank on my entire middle school. My friends and I got a couple tubes of icy hot and rubbed it on the toilet seats. The clear gel was impossible to see, but definitely noticeable after a few seconds on the pot. We left a couple of stalls around the school free from turmoil but news spread quickly and word got out that I was in charge. Me being the silly little mormon girl I am, freaked out and turned myself in before more damage was done. Due to my clear history I was sentenced to cleaning it all up with the janitor after school. Still pretty funny watching people come out of the bathroom and looking confused.

-Thanks to Mallory C for the story 

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  1. Nobody has commented on this yet? This is so hilarious! I don't know if I would have the guts to do this to an entire school, but it sure sounds like a great household prank to pull for next April Fools. One year I did throw snaps (those cheap little "firecrackers") off my high school balcony into the commons area below inbetween classes to make people jump. And I got in trouble for that too.

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