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Monday, April 9, 2012

#13 The Tallest of the Toilets (SWKT Floors 3-11)

Oh Mr. SWKT, you look down on us, you give us a nice view, you house the social sciences, you have so many bathrooms. This is a review of the tiny, but charming bathrooms from the 3rd floor to the 11th. They are surprisingly not all exactly the same. They are often shaped differently, some have closets, others have full-length mirrors, and there are brown and black doors. 

Here are samples of the four tile schemes present: 

This is a typical men's room. The majority of the bathrooms follow this layout with a few exceptions. Notice the poorly placed garbage can. 

Here's the typical sink found in the b'rooms that have been remodeled in the last decade or so. Its a semi-nice faux granite. No automation to speak of in the SWKT. 

Here is an example of the brown door variety. 

Despite the blue tile, this is the 11th floor women's, aka Queen of the SWKT Bathrooms. There actually is not a men's on that floor. I asked a janitor why that was they she told me that that was the biggest mystery of the building's bathrooms.  To me though, the biggest mystery is what are the bathrooms like in the fabled and forbidden 12th floor?

But what's this in the 11th floor women's? A shower curtain. Well, there must be a shower.

Our suspicions are confirmed. There is a shower in this bathroom for unknown reasons. Complete with a used bar of soap. 

There's even lockers for you change of clothes. Who uses these?

Go or no?
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Traffic - Low
Overall - 


  1. I have actually used this shower, simply because I found out that it existed. Must say that the water quality was much better than what I had at the apartment I was living in at the time.

  2. From what I understand, the 12th floor bathroom is arranged similar to the 11th floor women's, complete with shower and all - except that it's a men's room. Oh, and you failed to mention that the 4th floor of this building has a private bathroom - just like mom used to make.

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  6. The bathroom on the 12th floor is indeed laid out just like the women's room on the 11th. It's far and away the best bathroom on campus simply because of the controlled access to that floor.

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