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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebrity Favs

After much research, BYU Bathrooms proudly presents BYU Celebrity Favs!

I went around emailing and calling notable BYU faces to see which bathrooms around campus the preferred. And this is what I got:

Divine Comedy star


I'd say my favorite is the east bathroom on the main floor of the WILK (over by the ballroom). I like the space. I sleep in there quite often. 

local rapper

 Dat's weird and I dunwanna answer dat

Most winning game show contestant ever

Men's room, south end of the Talmage building, ground floor.  I guess
I don't really have any interesting insight into this bathroom or fond
memories there...none of my children were conceived there or anything.
 But it was right next to my office when I was a TA in the CS
department, so I have peed there more than any other Provo bathroom,
including any of my apartments.

presidential candidate

His campaign office failed to reply to my emails.


  1. Are you for real? You sleep in the bathroom?!I'll probably do that if the bathroom smells like fresh squeeze lemonades.

  2. bahhaha. my favorite BYUB post so far.