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Friday, February 17, 2012

#11 The Brimhall Building

Have you ever wondered where the Brimhall Building is or what's inside? Well wonder no more. It's on the southwest side of campus, right across from the Heber J. Grant building. Inside, you will find the communications department consisting of advertising, broadcast journalism, print journalism, communications studies and public relations. While the building may be nice, the bathroom situation is quite odd.

On the first floor you find both male and female bathrooms. They are cramped and small. The builders seemed to have just jammed them in. On the second floor you only have one bathroom, a female bathroom and on the third floor you have only a male bathroom (well, there is a female one, but it's very hidden.) This can make for some confusing and embarrassing moments as has happened to many a folk in the Brimhall building. You forget what floor you're on and the next thing you know, you're in the wrong bathroom.

Below you find the first floor. Hardly any room. The paper towel dispensers are too cool for the wall, they are stuck to the side of the divider for the stalls. (Notice the Egyptian style tile patters!)

Do you enjoy standing very close to your neighbor when going to the bathroom? Me neither. And notice the left urinal. Not so tidy if you ask me. The stench is a plenty.

Here you have the third floor. The urinals are wide mouth. Maybe if the stalls are full you could use this for number two? I think not.

The color scheme is much more appealing and the bathrooms are larger on the third floor. There is a nice black and white theme in the bathrooms and it doesn't smell too awful.

While you can also tell that this bathroom is not tidy (from the toilet paper on the ground), it is prepared for anything with the trusty (and crusty) plunger at the ready.

And finally, if you are 3 feet tall, this bathroom is perfect for you because the paper towel dispenser is about waist high.

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor -  
Location - 
Traffic - Low
Overall - 

-Thanks to Nick Barnes for this review


  1. there actually is a women's bathroom on the third floor.... haha.

  2. i like how that urinal has not been flushed