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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#2 Jamba Bathrooms (Wilk Main Floor)

The famous (or infamous) Jamba bathrooms, located just behind our lovely Jamba Juice in the Wilk.  I thought these would be a better alternative the very busy and usually dirty bathrooms next to the Terrace, but as it turns out, they might not be much better...  
These bathrooms turn out to get quite a lot of business and are usually dirty.  Interviewees reported frequent clogged toilets. Gross.  
In and Out Burgeresque checkered tile wall.  People also have complained about these paper towel dispensers and how the towel rips too easily when they grab it. We'll keep you posted on other b'rooms with the same ones.  

Seriously do this.  If you don't, you might end up chipping someone's tooth or knocking someones books on the ground.  Oh, and guys, this is one of the fabled girl's rooms with couches FYI.

Go or No?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - High
Overall - 

This has been Part One of the three part series, I'm on the main floor of the Wilk and Nature Calls


  1. I disagree with the ratings for this bathroom... I actually really like them! I'm only ever around there in the evening, but it's not crowded at all then. There is a problem with the sinks though. When you turn on the hot and the cold it doesn't stay warm... it switches from super hot to super cold back and forth really fast and once you get over how kinda cool that is it really hurts your hands. That problem is the most severe with the sink on the far right and gets progressively less severe the farther away the sink is from that one. Besides that, I like the setup. The sinks are separated from the stalls so you're not in anyone's way when they're coming in, and there are too really big mirrors away from the stalls where you can check yourself out without feeling too awkward. Also, the couches are really nice and semi-secluded, so on long days when you happen to be wearing a skirt and heels you can go put your feet up in the most unlady-like way possible without getting 'the look' from anyone. I love this bathroom!

  2. I think the paper towels are designed for people smarter than the dispenser, aka pull with both hands. There are signs on some of the dispensers telling you to pull with both hands, but I think that's a little excessive. Come on people, use your head (:

    I agree that these are awesome bathrooms! Considering the amount of usage, I think the custodial crew does a pretty decent job.