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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#1 The Invisible Door Bathroom (HBLL Floor 2)

I hope you can see why this bathroom has its name.  Seriously, it looks like these doors were designed for some kind of magic trick.

Many students label this bathroom as one of the most used on campus.  It's very close to the Periodicals study area and the only bathroom visible from the main entrances of the HBLL.  

VERY GREY.  If you are an ashenophobe (fear of grey), this bathroom is not for you. Also, if you want to avoid the crowds, consider heading a little south, still on the second floor, and you will find some nearly always vacant bathrooms by the elevators.

Oh, and careful on choosing a stall, some of them have broken coat racks and you probably don't want to put anything of yours on the floor....

Go or No?

Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 

Traffic - High
Overall - 


  1. One of my favorites. 80% of the time people leave behind reading material, such as the Daily Universe, which can double as plan B if they forgot to restock the bathroom.

  2. Tied for best bathroom in the HBLL with the ones on the fifth floor at the south end. The girl's bathrooms feels like the Room of Requirement because it's huge.