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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrity Favs

 BYU Basketball Star

  "I will have to go with the first floor of the Sab, the athletic administration on the third floor of the Sab. The one by the main entrance of the RB is the best one out of the public bathrooms in the smith and RB. The JFSB is straight, I also like the Marriott school ones. They're solid . There is a hidden gem in the eyring science center on the bottom floor that I think has never been used. I like the spacious and clean ones. I don't like the ones with many stalls. I am a 1-3 stall max. The worst smelling and awful ones are the JSB one with like 6 stalls and also the one in the wilk, but those are nothing compared to the abysmal bathrooms of the men's locker room in the RB and the men's bathroom by the track in the smith field house, the one access from the rugby office."

Founder of J Dawgs
The old Knight Mangum Building (demolished in 2008, was located on the corner of campus right next to J Dawgs). He enjoyed listening to the choir practice in the room next door to the b'room.


  1. Look, I don't want to defame anyone here, but I just need to let you guys know.
    My son (4) has been known to indulge in hyperbole from time to time, and he certainly inherited his mother's imagination.
    That being said, we were at J Dawgs once, and Jay, the founder, was there. My son needed to potty, but there was a big line. It quickly became apparent that this was an emergency situation. Jay volunteered to take him to the 'employee bathroom.' I hesitated at first, but he has a very warm smile, and I couldn't resist.
    Long story short, my son now only calls his 'pee-pee' his 'j-dawg' and it's been 6 weeks since his last period.
    Please advise?

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