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Thursday, March 8, 2012

#12 Slytherin Common Room Bathroom (Maeser Building, Basement)

Have you ever had a reason to go to the Maeser Building?  Me neither…  That is, until I heard rumors of a charming place called the honors reading room bathroom.  Situated directly next to honors reading room (Which, by the way, would not look out of place in Hogwarts, probably as the Slytherin common room, judging from the pretentious-looking people I saw studying there), this hidden treasure is sure to tickle your fancy.  

When I walked in, I noticed two things:  First, the stall doors are made of WOOD, probably some fancy tropical variety or something, but I have no idea.  They’re nice though.  Second, the dividers are made of MARBLE.  Not metal, not plastic, not glass, but freakin’ marble!    Basically, after I saw that, I knew I was in for a real treat.  Anyways, this bathroom is pretty swell.  There’s a full-body mirror (with a wood frame, no less), plus a shelf that looks sturdy enough to hold at least 83 percent of the leather-bound tomes from the reading room next door.  The only knock on this bathroom is that the sinks are ridiculously narrow.  It is literally impossible to fit your hands under the faucet.  So, when I left, I only washed my fingertips.  I can only assume that everyone else does the same.  That means the door handle is probably covered with germs, so watch out.  Overall, though, this bathroom provides a truly otherworldly experience by BYU bathroom standards.  It may be out of the way, but it’s worth at least one visit.

 Wood doors, marble dividers… this bodes well.

A well-placed shelf.  Could be used for sitting and sleeping if you are a midget, maybe as storage space for normal-sized people.

The lone flaw… BYU’s most inconveniently-sized sink.  Cool plumbing fixture at the bottom almost makes up for it, though.

A trio of urinals.  Due to lack of traffic, no two have ever been used simultaneously, so I don’t know why they need those marble dividers.  They look cool, though.

The larger of the two stalls.  Once again, take note of the marble dividers.  Doing your business here makes you feel like royalty.

The full-size mirror.  When I first saw it, I assumed that I had accidentally entered the women’s bathroom because men’s bathrooms never have nice extras like this.

Last but not least, the view from the porcelain throne.  You can trace wood grains while you poop!

Go or no?
Magical Hogwarts-ian Charm -
Cleanliness - 
Decor - 
Location - 
Traffic - Low
Overall - 

-Thanks to Sampo Hynynen for this review


  1. this is probably my favorite bathroom on campus. when i had a class in here about 2 years ago, i was blown away by the lecture room with a legit balcony. and then i saw the bathroom. love at first sight. u totally do feel like royalty. especially compared to using the nasty RB bathrooms.

  2. Great to have this blog on bathroom here with us. It reminds me of old memories. Thanks and keep updating more like this.

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