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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BYU Bathrooms March Madness


Welcome to the BYU Bathrooms March Madness Bracket! 

We already did a bunch of the work for you and eliminated bathrooms from all over campus to get it down to the Sweet 16 of campus johns. Now, show your loo loyalty! Which water closet goes on to each of the next rounds of the big dance is up to you. The voting is by building not individual bathroom, so choose carefully those buildings with the best porcelain and help them towards the Campus Championship! 

So, tweet, comment, post, email, +1, etc. your picks during the dates listed for each round and we will keep track of the winners and losers. Good luck and may the best bathroom win!

Our champion lavatory will be chosen to host (sometime in the next two months) a live concert featuring a local up-and-coming band!


  1. Library takes Wilk.
    JKB over Maeser.
    JFSB sweeps Clyde.
    Upset... ASB (who?) wins against HFAC
    JSB, ESC, Marriott, FOB all win.

    Elite 8 here they come

  2. I'm voting for the Marb and the HFAC. That is all.

  3. Winners: HBLL, Maeser, JFSB, ASB, JSB, ESC, Marriott, BRMB

  4. I choose that HBLL, JKB, JFSB, HFAC, JSB, ESC, Testing Center, and FOB will win.

  5. HBLL over Wilk, no contest.

  6. HBLL & Marriot