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Thursday, February 9, 2012

#10 The Chemistry Bathrooms (Benson ground floor)

Something that each girl at BYU will learn is that you don’t go to the bathroom during passing period.  

There seems to be two solutions to this problem:
1.      Never go to the bathroom on campus, particularly at the end or the beginning of an hour.
2.      Find a bathroom which through alien rays or pixie dust, is not crowded.

The best way to find a bathroom that is not crowded, is to generally avoid women.  This would make buildings which women generally avoid to be prime localities.  It gets even better when said avoided bathroom is massive.  And the bathroom next to the Fishbowl in the Ezra Taft Benson building fulfills these qualifications.

As with the Eyring and Clyde buildings, women generally do not frequent the chemistry building. But the Benson’s bathrooms are ginormous!  Whether for Title IX or something about 'separate but equal' bathroom facilities for the sexes, they made the women's bathrooms the same size as the men's. So, women are now given rows of stalls from which to make their selection.

With the plethora of stalls, these bathrooms are always open to women, and even the men can make their choice in their bathroom.  In all my days of being a female science major, I have run into another double-x chromosome in the BNSN bathroom approximately three times.  

If you don't mind the slightly institutionalized feel of the line of stalls and instructional signs, these bathrooms are great.  Keep in mind that they are for scientists and not designers.

 OH HEY convenience. You don't even have to step once to get from the sink to the paper towels.

These are both really low to the ground. How often do kids go into this building? I didn't think so...

Go or no?

Cleanliness - 
Decor -  (quite antiseptic and hospital feeling)
Location - 
Traffic - Low
Overall - 

-Thanks to Hannah Russell for this review

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