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Saturday, April 16, 2011

#7 Testing Center Bathroom Usage Instructions (HGB 2nd Floor)

Almost every student on campus will be taking their finals in the Testing Center this upcoming finals week. During finals, the Testing Center gives out tests in the HGB, the JSB auditorium, and in the third floor of the Wilk. Nature can and will call at anytime of the day – especially when you’re taking a test. We will show you the (only) options you have to use the bathroom while taking a test in the HGB!

If you are inside the big testing room (or upstairs in the music room, or downstairs in overflow testing rooms for when it’s really crowded) and you gotta go, here's what you do

1 - Grab your test, bubble/cover sheet, any notes you’re allowed to use, scratch paper, and cell phone, and go out the door you came in. Leave your backpack, calculator, pencil, and snacks at your desk. 

2- Ask the person at the printer, where you picked up your bubble/cover sheet, if you may use the restroom, and they will kindly collect your testing things and let you go. 

3 - Go to the bathrooms that are directly across the hall from where the main counter is, where you check out tests, on the right. These bathrooms are your only option – do not go downstairs to the bathrooms on the first floor.

WARNING: Make your trip to the loo as quick as possible. If you’re in there more than 6 or 7 minutes, the employee at the printer might think you’re cheating in the bathroom (apparently it happens all the time?) and they will send another employee to come and check on you. However, if you need more than a few minutes in the bathroom, and an employee comes to check on you, and they see your feet under the stall door, they will leave you in peace.  

These bathrooms have pros and cons. There are only two stalls, and since only one student is allowed to leave the testing room and use the bathroom at a time, you will almost always have complete privacy. The only other people that might be in there are Testing Center employees or students who go right before they check out their test. The only bad thing is that if there is another person in the bathroom with you, it’s just the two of you. And that can sometimes get a bit awkward.
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Personally, I think these bathrooms should be saved for test-takers only; other students can use the bathrooms downstairs (although, they smell and there’s always at least one toilet out of order). Test-takers deserve the right to have a few minutes of privacy before they go back in to the testing room with 650 other sweaty and fidgety students.

Once you’re finished, go straight back across the hall, and the employee at the printer will hand you your test and cell phone. You can go right back in to your desk to ace your final. 

The steps for the other buildings are the same, but they will direct you to the bathrooms you are allowed to use.  

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-Thank you to BYU Bathroom user Hannah W for this post


  1. Absolutely brilliant. I've never known what my b'room options were for the good old Testing Center. Danke danke.

  2. For the record, I use the downstairs bathroom everyday since I work in the building (but perhaps will consider going upstairs from now on) and they do indeed smell. But I have never found one of the toilets to be out of order.